lunes, 16 de diciembre de 2013

Bill Hicks - "Relentless" (1992)

"Another thing. This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. And grow up. And move on. Reasonable people don't write letters because... A: They have lives and B, they understand it's just TV. C: If they see something they don't like, something they do like might be on later. I've seen many comics I've hated. I've seen many shows that have offended me. I've never written a letter. I just go about my life."

Hoy Bill Hicks habría cumplido 52 años.

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rickiwarrior dijo...

Crack del humor.
Ya no se encuentran así de relevantes.

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